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Aluminum and glass curtain wall - elegance and efficiency

The aluminum and glass curtain wall is a modern and versatile solution for commercial, residential and public buildings. Curtain walls combine the beauty of design with technological performance, offering a stunning panorama and exceptional thermal insulation benefits to the building.

Contemporary design and natural light

The aluminum and glass curtain wall is a design element with a contemporary and versatile aesthetic. It facilitates natural lighting, giving your space a bright and open look. Benefit from an impressive panorama of the exterior views and add an extra touch of elegance to the construction.

Flexibility in design

Combining aluminum with glass opens the way to modern and varied designs. Flexibility in design allows you to create custom shapes and patterns, while energy efficiency and thermal insulation remain high. The curtain wall is ideal for projects that aim for great aesthetics and energy performance.

Variety of options

The curtain wall is available in several variants:

Standard Curtain Wall

This type is the most economical and widely used. The glass is fixed with pressure caps, visible from the outside, in the horizontal and vertical direction. The wall allows a variety of glass thicknesses to be fitted and can include access doors.

Semi-structural curtain wall

This system involves frames fixed together with uprights. Horizontal profiles are only visible in the horizontal direction, and the outer windows correspond to the inner ones. It is ideal for buildings with a uniform and impressive appearance.

Structural Curtain Wall

This type is characterized by the fact that the horizontal and vertical profiles are not visible, leaving the glass to be the main element. Windows can be attached to jambs and can be fixed or movable. This system allows the creation of works with atypical and irregular shapes.

Personalization and color

Aluminum profiles can be painted in a wide range of RAL colours, including glossy, matt or textured colours. They can also be combined with BOND composite material cladding for a modern look and easy-to-maintain surfaces.

Easy to maintain and durable

The curtain wall is easy to maintain and durable. The aluminum profiles are non-corrosive and the glass can be cleaned easily. Maintenance operations are relatively cheap, making curtain wall a profitable choice in the long term.

The aluminum and glass curtain wall is the ideal solution to give your building a modern look, to benefit from natural light and to achieve superior technical performance. Choose the type of curtain wall that suits your project.

At FERNER, we specialize in providing the highest quality curtain wall solutions. Contact us to discuss your project and help you find the best solution for your specific needs.

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Curtain wall

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